Regional Quantitative Analysis Group will work to develop an analysis derived from economic and demographic data to provide you, your clients and your region’s policy makers with an understanding of the factors that are critical for the success of a project, the competitiveness of a region or a comprehensive measure of the economic impact a set of activities has or could have on a region.


An economic impact analysis captures the full effect from a potential or ongoing economic activity on a region’s economy. An impact analysis from RQA Group will provide clear understanding of the regional consequences of an economic activity.


A benchmarking analysis can identify the strengths and weaknesses that shape your competitive advantage. A benchmarking study developed by RQA Group provides clarity in planning goals and policy by identifying a comparable group and a set of critical measures.


Best practice decision making incorporates structuring and using data appropriately. RQA Group can apply structured modeling approaches including cost-benefit and best use analyses; gravity modeling and fiscal impact analysis to provide your organization with decisive insight.


Regional profiles explore demographic and economic metrics in detail. Regional profiles by RQA Group provide a valuable perspective into the factors that shape the region’s competitiveness and provide important input for regionally unique sustainable development strategy.