Client Centered

  • By being client centered we build our analysis on a clear understanding of client needs. This begins during the initial discussions on the project and clear statements on the scope and goal of the project. The client focus continues with ongoing feedback through the development and analysis phase and ends after the client fully understands the analysis.

    Direction and Vision

  • We expect our analysis to provide clarity, focus and vision for our clients. This may be in developing a deeper understanding of the factors that impact activities or in being able to articulate these factors in ways that can shape perceptions and policy.

    Analytical Integrity

  • The models we apply, the assumptions established and the data employed in our analysis will be based on established economic theory, best practices and appropriate methodologies. This approach ensures fully supportable and reproducible results based on appropriate assumptions, completely backed by economic theory, and derived from current data.

    Clarity of Analysis

  • We strive to present an analysis in clear, direct language. In a complex analysis that may include scenarios and is based on complex models using economic terms may be necessary, but RQA feels it is imperative to clearly define these terms and avoid economic jargon. The authority of our analysis will always be based on our analytical integrity and using best practices for data sources and data handling rather than obfuscating results in technical language.


    Dale P Shannon

    • Dale P. Shannon is the founder and principal economist at Regional Quantitative Analysis Group (RQA Group). After college and working as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ghana West he received a Masters of Arts degree in economics from Boston University in 1991. From 1991 through 1999 he worked as an economist for the Bureau of Economic Analysis of the U.S. Department of Commerce in Washington, D.C.
    • From mid 1999 until 2013 Dale worked at the Connecticut Economic Resource Center, Inc. (CERC) where he focused on providing clear analyses of the challenges facing the regional economies and towns blending appropriate quantitative techniques with concise readable economic analysis. At CERC, as at the Bureau of Economic Analysis, he developed and maintained data sets to provide immediate access and in depth examination of the challenges facing CERC’s clients.
    • Since relocating to West Virginia in late 2013 Dale has continued to apply his skills in data analysis and knowledge of economic principles in a practical approach to providing his clients with analyses explore the dynamics of perusing various strategies in complex regional and national markets. Much of this work has involved applying comprehensive models of regional economies and the impact various activates and policies have or changes could have on the economies of the region.
    • In founding RQA Group, Dale’s vision is to provide practical regional economic analysis based on a clear understanding of client needs, an in-depth examination of relevant economic and demographic data, a comprehensive, multidimensional perspective using the appropriate model or models and a concise analytical presentation.