Selected Case Studies:


Economic Impact Analysis

  • Regional Community College – The economic impacts that accrue to a state and city from brownfield land remediation, construction, educational and administrative operations and shifts in regional income from educational attainment and technical achievement.
  • Resource Recovery Facility – The economic impact associated with single stream resource recovery facility, including collections, project development, marketing, and capital investments dimensions.
  • State Medical Society – Contributions to the a state’s economy from the economic activities generated by doctors and their offices. An in-depth examination of the economic challenges and investment shifts created by recent and potential changes to regulatory policies and insurance requirements.
  • Gaming and Resort Casino – Impacts generated from construction and daily operations and state revenues. Also shifts in markets from potential policy changes and regional casino competition. Analysis provided for statewide and sub-state regions.
  • Energy and Utility Infrastructure – Economic impacts associated with maintenance and expansion of local utility infrastructure as well as large scale regional energy infrastructure projects.
  • Highway Development – The immediate and long term impacts associated with the accelerated completion of a regional highway impacting the economies of 11 counties across north western West Virginia
  • Advanced Medical Science Laboratory – The contributions to a state’s economy from the construction of a state of the art medical science lab and the ongoing operations over 10 years as it made contributions to a regional health science cluster.
  • Film Studio Sound Stage – Potential statewide economic impacts due to the construction and ongoing operations associated with a large scale sound stage and mixed use site.
  • PGA Golf Tournament – The effects on a state’s economy from hosting a week long professional golf tournament.
  • High-tech aerospace manufacturer – The economic impacts associated with large scale regional manufacturer.
  • Large-scale regional brownfield remediation and historic district redevelopment project. Economic benefits associated with restructuring a former manufacturing complex to accommodate, schools, apartments, upscale office space, high-tech manufacturing space, restaurants and retail outlets.

    Economic Benchmarks and Dashboards

  • Insurance and Financial Industries
  • Regional Economic and Demographic Growth
  • Statewide Manufacturing Performance
  • Real-time Statewide Economic Performance Dashboards

    Other Analyses

  • Market Assessments and Investment Strategies – Review of economy and demographics of region for potential double bottom line private equity investment fund.
  • Industry Profiles – Aerospace, Finance and Insurance, Medical Instruments.
  • Comprehensive review of transportation modeling software for economic impacts.